Bees Need Water Too

You may not realize it, but bees need water too.  They will seek out water sources close to their hive. They use water to cool the hive on hot days, to dilute honey and to help with digestion and metabolizing their food. Luckily, I have a pond with a waterfall in my front yard that the bees congregate to during the day.

Bees drinking water along the edge of my pond.

Bees-Drinking-Water-2Bees drinking water along the edge of my pond.


Here they are at the top of the waterfall. When the pump is off, water gathers at the top making it easy for the bees to drink.

Here is a video of them flying all around the pond while the waterfall is turned off.


4 comments on “Bees Need Water Too

  1. Emily Scott says:

    What a wonderful drinking spot, your bees are really spoiled!

  2. solarbeez says:

    Well, I’ll be! I’ve provided a water bucket with wooden floats, but I’ve never seen the bees use it. I don’t know where my bees get their water.
    I like the photos of the bees just above the water line, but aren’t you worried they might fall in and drown?

  3. Wonderful drinking hole for your bees, I have never seen such great photos of bees drinking. We recently tried feeding our bees dry sugar for them to add water themselves (they have plenty of honey stores, it was an experiment). Mostly they just seemed to play in the sugar and not do much else with it… 🙂

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