Well fed bees

Two weeks ago we added a second floor to our strong hives and they are doing very well. Here is a frame we pulled from the top chamber.  You can tell right away that these are well fed bees.  The brood (baby bees) are clustered together and capped in the center. Very nice laying pattern, meaning the queen is good.  Lots of capped and uncapped honey surrounding the brood, meaning they have plenty of food for the adults and to feed the larvae.


2 comments on “Well fed bees

  1. I am seeing capped brood but do not see uncapped larvae. is that a problem?

    • Tabitha says:

      If you do not see any eggs or uncapped larvae then the queen needs to be replaced. If you see any queen cells, then the hive has recognized there is a problem and they are trying to produce a new queen.

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