Checking up on our nucs

So today we did an inspection of our hives despite the terrible windy and rainy conditions.  The two nucs that swarmed about a week ago are doing great!  They both have laying queens, we saw lots of new eggs.  One of the nucs made a very nice burr comb attached to the lid that we had to cut off.  We noticed it was full of eggs, so we attached it to a frame with rubber bands and put it back in the hive so the bees could tend it.

The third nuc that swarmed on Monday is OK.  We did not see any eggs, but since it has been less than a week since we caught them the new queen might not be mated yet.  We’ll wait a few more days and recheck.

We believe we are going to combine two of these nucs to make a bigger hive, and that way they will have a better chance of making it through the winter.


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